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After six grueling months feeling utterly depressed, dejected and an unwanted, useless failure I FINALLY HAVE A JOB.

It's only part time (sadly), and minimum wage (sigh), but somebody finally fucking hired me. The local Jewish Community Centre, to be precise. (I think [ profile] newredshoes will be pleased I'm keeping up the Jewcy pride ;-) I get to answer phones and give tours of the facility and other various customer service duties. I could do this job in my sleep. But it's a job, and that's all that matters. I've been a recluse for months because I couldn't afford to go anywhere or do anything, so hopefully now that will change. :) I'm sure I will be far less depressed once I am able to leave my tiny, squalid flat. (The ceiling continues to fall on the floor, and I had to spend almost an hour on saturday scrubbing the bathtub because so much ceiling and wall crap had fallen into it and it was unusable, bleaugh. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE.)

Oh, amusing fact about the JCC -- Tim Russ, aka Tuvok from Voyager is a member. I hope I can bother him politely for an autograph sometime. *grins*

I really should update about Neil and things, shouldn't I. SOON, kittens. :)

I shall just make you all insanely jealous by saying how much I enjoyed reading The Graveyard Book. Bwahahaha. ;-)
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