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Old lady: I want a book on the Louvre
Me: Wonderful, we have many art books for you to peruse, I'm sure you'll find one you like -
Old impatient lady: We just got back from Paris
Me: Lucky!
Old and quite possibly insane old lady: Yeah, the Louvre was great, but we were so disappointed in the gift shop - we wanted to buy a book about all the art we'd just seen, but couldn't get one because they were all in French. Can you believe that??
Me: ...
Me: *blink blink*
Me: Let me show you were the art books are...

Then there are the people who come into the shop, not knowing the author or title of the book, or even the genre or subject they're looking for, and expect us to know what the hell they want. I can only assume by MAGIC. And if I had magic powers, I sure as hell wouldn't be wasting them on finding shitty romance novels and mass market thrillers. Srsly.

A woman came in today asking for 'some sort of Frankenstein book' for her son, by 'Mary somebody, I guess....' I WEEP FOR HUMANITY.

My favourite, however, is the lady who came in yesterday, again not knowing what she was looking for (at all) - she knew beyond a doubt the author's name was Elizabeth Case, and when I couldn't find her in the computer we spent nearly two hours roaming around the store (I did of course leave to help people with real books to find, but because I am So Nice I kept coming back to help my crazy person, plus I crave a challenge ;-). We searched in vain, because, of course, the author Elizabeth Case did not exist. Guess the real name of the author she was looking for. Go on, guess. You never will. :) After countless 'are you SURE that's her actual name, not Libby Cass or any variant of Elizabeth Case imaginable?' and her annoyed replies that YES OF COURSE that's her name and being cross at me for daring to suggest she could be wrong...the author she was actually looking for was, in fact, Kate Atkinson. Which TOTALLY sounds like Elizabeth Case, I'm sure you will agree. *rolls eyes and sighs* So hilariously, epically wrong. Sheesh.

In other news, I am ridiculously smitten with Supernatural (and especially those utterly adorkable J2 boys). Bweeeeeeeeee. :)
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