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Neil said so, it must be true. *beams proudly*

Oh, I'm so happy. :) On Friday [ profile] trukkle went to the Graveyard Book event in London, where he met my friend [ profile] arcadiaego and proceeded to have a jolly wonderful time laughing and being adorably excited dorks at each other, yayyy. Neil read Chapter Five from the book, answered lots of questions from the audience (like about his buddy Jonathan Ross's recent behaviour, and quite possibly confirming that he is indeed writing for Doctor Who - I need to write him about that, actually ;-), and then did a swift and efficient signing for the fans. Well, it was swift until [ profile] trukkle got to him. *grins*

[ profile] arcadiaego was first, and was able to have her picture taken, which was lucky, before moving to the side in a state of abject squee while James had his turn. :) He said he was there at my request, and Neil lit up and asked how I was doing and said lovely things about me and wheeeee :D Then James said that I was very well and in fact recently became him. (Eeeee I am now Officially Unofficially Engaged. I think. ;-) And Neil beamed and shook his hand and congratulated us, and said more lovely things about me and then James had to leave because the girl behind in the queue was getting jealous and making 'hmmmph' noises at him. ;-) So he stumbled off the stage in a giddy daze, as Neil called out that he liked his shirt (which I bought for him of course :) and James and Liz went back to their seats to bask in the glow of a brilliant evening. I'm so happy for them! I wish I had been there, of course, but I'm thrilled they had such a marvelous time. And even happier Neil said I was magical. Oh, bliss. :)))))
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