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Oh, hello there. :)

Hee! As you have no doubt surmised, [ profile] trukkle spent a week and a half in my arms and OH what a blissful time it was. He is amazing and so perfectly utterly made just for me and OH GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I kept meaning to write updates while he was here, so I wouldn't have to do an awkward Summary Of Stuff entry like this, but of course, like everything else, I just forgot. Whoops. *grins sheepishly* SO - Here is an account of his visit in handy dandy bulletypoint type offerings:

- 11 May JAMES ARRIVES and much rejoicing commences, hurrah! We went straight from LAX to a restaurant to stuff my poor sleepdeprived starving gingerboy with much needed protein and drinks, welcoming him to America the American Way - with giant burgers and endless french fries, of course. ;-) Also, there is cuddling.

- I had to work the next few days (booooo!), so while I was away he slept, fixed my computer, and even spent time in the bookshop to keep me company (all on different days though), and while James was very kind about it, I still feel guilty for wasting what little time we had together. Not that I had much choice about it, but still...
Oh, also we had 'authentic Oaxacan cuisine' (that's real Mexican food, to everyone else) with my father and stepmother, before they went away on holiday, which I think James enjoyed very much. (Me not so much, as I can't eat anything vaguely spicy. But what I could eat was good.) And shockingly my father was very nice to both of us and we had a good time. Yay.

- At last, I am free! Aaaaaaaaand I can't remember what we did on friday, actually. *laughs* Probably something with my mum...Ermmm. *giggles*

- Saturday was the BEST day - we met [ profile] diner aka the Infamous Megan at her place in Burbank and went to see STAR TREK together. Okay, so I was totally ready to dislike if not utterly despise this film, because HELLO we are Die Hard Trekkers and you do not mess with us, but James and I were both shocked to discover we LOVED it, and want to see it again. We laughed, and squeed, we made googley eyes at each other at all the In-Jokes - it was fantastically, unexpectedly, marvellous. :)

Then we picked up Maria and went to the World Famous Griffith Observatory, aka that place where you can look at the stars and stuff and Rebel Without a Cause was filmed. James was beside himself with glee over being there, it was SO CUTE watching him burble excitedly at all the exhibits and sigh happily at the Awesomeness of Science. He was especially giddy over the Tesla Coil, and really, wouldn't you be too? It's GORGEOUS. :D
Unfortunately we forgot to pack his migraine pills, so he became very ill by the end of the evening - we ended the night with dinner at House of Pies, said goodbye to Megan and Maria and went home to recover. And a few hours later he finally ate his sandwich. *G*

- Sunday we watched Fruits Basket! And cuddled lots. And, uhmmm...that's it, really. What do you expect, it's a sunday :-P

- Monday oh wow this was the most extraordinary day - We went to the Aquarium! And we saw OTTERS :D I'm so happy I finally got to see them with James (even if they were sea otters and not my favourite river otters ;-) - we spent about 40 minutes at their enclosure, just watching them and laughing as they frolicked about in the water. So, so cute. And look! I even have AWESOME VIDEO of an otter in the bath, nomming some ice in the most adorable way. Hee. :)
We also had fun with the seals and sea lions (did I ever tell you that a sea lion tried to eat my hand once? No? Well, it did ;-), and I have some terrific photos of James looking at a seal lion...and it looking back at him. He's just stupidly photogenic, my boy is. *grins*

After the Aquarium we went SHOPPING and I bought him some much needed new jeans and some very sexy shirts and trousers and mrrrrr I do love shopping for him and making him look so smart and shaggable. Hehehe. Then we trudged home and couldn't think of anywhere to eat so of course we went to the International House of Pancakes bwahahahaha. I suppose America does have some good qualities, and eating breakfast at 10pm would definitely be one of them. ;-)

- Tuesday - Friday SOME OTHER STUFF HAPPENED...we gorged ourselves on sushi and played lots of video games (I became insanely addicted to and finally completed a DS game called Time Hollow, creepy but exciting time travel fun) and ate out every night (because every night with James is a Special Occasion) and did some shopping and mostly just snuggled rather a lot, because that's what we do. *G*

Aaaaaand then Saturday came...alarm went off at 430am, and it was time to start saying goodbye. It was a horrible day. We were a bit late arriving to the airport but should have had plenty of time anyway, but OMFG the airport security nightmare that greeted us was absolutely shocking, queues of people everywhere, no one knowing what was going on, NO ONE TO HELP US and oh god it was so, so stressful. It was so bad James missed his flight, but luckily he was able to get on another one that left shortly after, and just hope his luggage would make it back to Gatwick as well...which it did, thankfully. But it was all very worrying for both of us, especially as I had to go from the airport right to work (after having no sleep whatsoever, injuring myself and dealing with stress at the airport and crying all the way home...yeahhhhhhh that shift SUCKED) and couldn't find out if James had made it home himself until later that night. So now he's back home in Worthing and I am alone in Newport and we are both missing each other miserably and wanting to firebomb the British Consulate for taking so ^#!%& long with my visa application.

...Wasn't that a fun story? Did you manage to get through all of it? If so, well done you! (And thank you for reading my ramblewafflings. ;-)

I have some rather silly photos with appropriately silly commentary up on my Facebook - GO SEE.

The cheeky monkey compels you! :D

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