Jul. 24th, 2008

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Hello poodles!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the kind words of reassurance and support on my last entry -- I do apologize for being rather cryptic (hell, I apologize for writing it all), but I didn't feel like going into details and just had to let something out else I essplode. I'm sure I'll write a proper, detailed entry about just why I was feeling particularly upset this weekend, but this is not that entry. Today is for cheering up, and finding the things in my life right now to enjoy and feel good about. Thus I present to you a list of Things That Make Me Happy:

1) [livejournal.com profile] trukkle has a job interview on monday with a computer wholesale/repair company, which he is almost guaranteed to get, which is fantastic on many levels. The job would give him work experience for college as well as a much needed paycheque, and it would mean I could FINALLY begin filling out all the paperwork for my visa application so I can get on with moving to the UK! Plans would be Back On and life would not end and I could stop feeling so bloody useless and miserable and gahhhhhhh we really need this job. *laughs* No pressure or anything James. ;-)

2) The amazing Peter S Beagle friended me on Facebook! AND HE KNEW WHO I WAS OMG. *spazflail* :D I've met him several times (ComicCon, ORC, and The Return of the King Oscar Party) and shared some fantastic conversations (and lots of laughing!), but I didn't think he could possibly recall me from the hundreds, if not thousands of fans he meets every year. I feel so honoured to be remembered by one of my favourite authors, especially when he's such a charming and wonderful man. Yay me! :D

3) I know this is very silly, but I love my new mood theme. Hee. I feel like posting more just so I can use every mood on the list! *grins* And isn't posting more a Good Thing? Yes, yes it is. :) I think I've written more entries this month than I have in years. Which is probably a bit sad, really. When I first had my journal (in 2002!) I posted nearly every day, about musical performances and London all kinds of fun things, back when I was living in Surrey and had an entirely different life. It's difficult to think on those things without feeling overwhelmed by regret, but my new life will begin soon, and I won't have to feel upset about the life I once had, or the people I thought loved me, ever again. Hurrah. :)

4) I'm going to see Eric Idle again at the Hollywood Bowl next week! WHOOOT.
Have I mentioned lately that I've met all the Pythons (except that partypooper Graham of course), some more than once? Oh yeah. I'm just that awesome. *smug*

5) This post from Cute Overload - ZOMG OTTERS. Happy burbling chirping canoodling utterly mindblowingly adorable otters! *sighs happily* :)))

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