Sep. 10th, 2009

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Hello everyone! I am in the UK! I am with my [ profile] trukkle! We currently have no internet so this is an intentionally brief update posty to let you know I am Still Alive! :D

Things Wot Have Happened Since I Arrived:

- Settled comfortably into our new flat, which is a lovely one bedroom near the train station and close to the town centre, as well as the comic book shop and the best chippy in town. These are very important things to know. ;-) Since we don't have internet or tv we've been playing loads of games, like Professor Layton and our favourite old LucasArts graphic adventures. It's nearly decorated and ready for visitors, which is good, as my beloved [ profile] ashfae and [ profile] randomchris are coming to visit this weekend to celebrate my 31st birthday. Eeeee. :)

- Traveled to Derbyshire for the I, Camp readthrough weekend, which was marvelous - I saw my dearest [ profile] mirabehn and her two wonderful men [ profile] mostlyacat and [ profile] mirrorshard for the first time in years (well, I met Sam for the first time, actually *G*) and several others I haven't seen in aaaaaaages, as well as met lots of fabulous new people and generally had a very fun time being Terribly Angsty and Roman at everyone. Wheeee. :)

- Explored all over Worthing, which is a town entirely comprised of cafes and charity shops. I'm not even kidding. *grins* Some of the cafes are quite good (and do brilliant, proper milkshakes! om nom nom) but everything closes when the old people go to bed, which is to say 4pm. Ugh. :/ The seaside is beautiful, and so far the weather has been pleasant, so it's been a rather nice introduction to my new home, all things considered. :)

- We bought our wedding bands. :) They're handmade, extra-shiny palladium, and have bonus techy points for having all sorts of exciting electronic and scientific uses, which of course makes James terribly pleased. *G* We're going to need them very soon we're going to married on 10 October. :) ♥

I'm so ridiculously happy. :)))

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