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I've been trying to write this entry for MONTHS, but of course the need to find the perfect words to express myself has prevented me. So I'll just say it.

I have a boyfriend. His name is James. He is tall, thin, British, quite exceedingly ginger, the most adorkable geek you will ever meet, and I am very, very much in love with him. :)

He is, in fact, [ profile] trukkle, and I've known him for 5 1/2 years, although we sadly had very little contact for a long time, but he gained internet access again in april, and we've been inseparable ever since. Very long time readers may remember me describing him as my soul mate, and he is, I've known it since the moment we met; there's never been anyone who understands me so perfectly, because we are the same in every way. He's the male version of myself, and the few places where we are dissimilar we are complementary, we're just utterly, utterly made for each other. :)

Before a few months ago I had never considered him in any sort of romantic way, mostly because when we first met he was 18. *grins* Also, he had a boyfriend for many years, which tends to make one think he's off the market. ;-) But when we started talking again, he told me he had always loved me, and never stopped thinking about me, which absolutely blew my mind. I had no idea he felt that way, and of course I started feeling differently about him -- he was older now, and unattached, and I always knew I cared immensely for him, so it was only natural my own feelings would change. And they most certainly did.

He told me he would sit home alone, staring out the window, listening to Muse's Endlessly, and think of me, wishing he could tell me how he felt, wanting to hold me forever. And that, I think, was the exact moment I fell in love with him. :)

We just spent the most joyous, blissful, fantastically silly two weeks together. He had never left the UK, and I think Los Angeles scared him a little (hee), but we were so happy just to be together, nothing else mattered. He left last wednesday. I miss him terribly. Everything is so dull without him to laugh with.

I'm going to visit him in Brighton for Christmas and New Years. :) Which of course means I want to see my UK friends again, woohoo! :D

I realize this is already a very long entry, but I need to show off my boy. Because I love him. And he's gorgeous. *grins*

See? SO DAMN CUTE. :D You can see many more photos in my Facebook photo album, if you like :)

And just for fun,

Because I'm a dork, I put the wonderful early times with him in my LJ Memories, so you can read about our silly geekeries, and how I've always known he was my soul mate, even all those years ago. :)

Please feel free to add him as a friend! I want everyone to know about the person who makes me so incredibly happy. :)

*dreamy sigh* I really do love him ever so much. Wheeeee. :)
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