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I know it's late and no one is reading LJ on a friday night but I DON'T CARE because my face is lit up like Piccadilly Circus and I can't stop grinning and just have to proclaim my joy to the world.

I got an A in my Japanese class.


Finally, something to prevent my overwhelming sense of failure from consuming me. I am capable of great things! I can do it! GO ME.

My face is all tingly from squee. *giggles*

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Hello. :)

This is a very short post to say that yes, I am still alive. Mostly.

I really am truly sorry for not updating until now. My reasons have been entirely silly but quite important and impressive, in my head at least. I've spent the past 6 months in a state of perpetual gloom and self-loathing, and I didn't want to bog down anyone with my pointless wangst.

So, briefly, what have you missed? Not much. I lost nearly 50 pounds, got down to a size 10, and have now ballooned back up to a 14 (insert much futile whinging and self-hatred here). I got a second job and for a while worked 13-15 hour days which were driving me crazy (literally), but now am working so few hours at both jobs I might have to find a third. Hurrah. I was occasionally so fearful and depressed and utterly ashamed of myself I could not find the willpower to leave my tiny, dark apartment, and stayed at home crying for days, convinced I was not worthy enough even to see the best friend who loves me.

I started taking classes in Japanese, with the vague but hopefully more career oriented goal of being a translator sometime in the future. I spent many fun times with my dearest [ profile] nut_m3g. I saw the most outstandingly brilliant, mind-blowingly orgasmic Muse concert, standing next to the stage, directly in front of Matthew Bellamy with his Guitarcrotch and Sexface. Guhhhhhhhhhhh.

And really? That's about it.

Oh, and there might be some other news. Good news. I hope. Hee. *blushes shyly and grins*
I'm saving that bit of joy for the next entry. :)

But anyway, I just wanted to say I'm here, and I missed you all very much. I can't wait to start doing this again. I'm no longer trapped in a cycle of suffering (for the moment, anyway), and even if I do feel depressed again, I know I should write it down and let it out, rather than let it consume me, alone and afraid.

Thank you so much for putting up with me. :) You're all amazing, have I told you that lately? ;-)
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With lots of love and shiny sparkly goodies that make you go 'oooooh' from your Nevvie :)

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Nevvie loves you!

She even made some cheesy picspam with her cameraphone to prove it. Yayyy! :D

Behold the Geekycuteness in all its Awesome Glory!
Or, something. Bweee. :)

I should probably make a proper update at some point, shouldn't I. But I just had to show off how amazing my hair looks today. *giggles* I'm so ridiculously superficial, aren't I? Well, it's either that or go mad from the stress. Of which there is an inordinate amount. Errm. Yeah. Life is not great. But at least my hair is! *grins playfully*

I love you all, you know. I'm sorry I don't show it nearly enough. Or at all. Thank you for putting up with me. :)
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Guess who spent 13 hours at Disneyland on sunday (after working at 5am, because she's so hardcore)? WHY YES, ITS MEEEEEE. I did I did! *flounce* :D

[ profile] nut_m3g and I went to Disneyland to celebrate her birthday and meet up with [ profile] mirdonamy for Bats Day, the unofficial SoCal Goth community meetup thingy at the park. The day started off brilliantly, when a man approached us in the ticket queue, saying he had two extra tickets and would like us to have them for free. After a bit of 'whaaa?'-type dithering, we gratefully accepted his offer and entered the park without paying a thing. Let me say this again, because it's just so amazing -- We got into Disneyland FOR FREE. I'm still gobsmacked about that, actually. *giggles*
So what did we do with the extra money we didn't spend on tickets? We bought PIRATE HATS of course! Megan loves pirates, I love pirates, we needed silly pirate hats that speak to you saying 'Dead men tell no tales muahahahaha'. We wore ours proudly all day long, and even got compliments from random people saying how awesome we looked. Cause we so are. *smug*

I thought I would be annoyed by the changes made to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to make it more like the movies, but I actually liked them a lot, especially Captain Jack at the end counting his treasure. The best part was that part of his sleeve had fallen, revealing the metal animatronic arm, which I thought added a bit of unintentional spookiness to the show. We were actually one of the last people to be allowed on the ride in the morning, as they needed to fix poor Jack and make him look human again. Once again, we were really lucky. Wah hey. *grins*

We met up with [ profile] mirdonamy and her friends several times during the day, but as she was the official photographer for Bats Day she had her own rather hectic schedule to keep, which was fine really as Megan and I had fun bouncing around to random rides and not really keeping a schedule at all. The best experience was definitely SPACE MOUNTAIN, which is new and improved but thankfully still ridiculously cheesy and outrageously fun; we screamed and squealed and laughed till we couldn't breathe, it was just that exciting. Afterwards I practically pounced on a very pretty boy wearing a gorgeous purple velvet frock coat and bowler hat, and though I got his name (Steven) and discovered he looked familiar because I remembered him from Anime Expo (he cosplayed as Rock Lee from Naruto -- a really hot Lee, if you can believe it), I sadly did not get his number or email or anything useful like that, because I am a big fat dork and ruined any such opportunity with my social ineptitude. Doh. I did find out he'll be at the Ani-Magic convention in Lancaster at the end of next month -- I wasn't going to attend because it's a bit of a schlep for such a small con, but now I think I really must chase him down and make him snog talk to me. I wonder if he'll even remember me. I think he has a girlfriend anyway, as he was talking to a very attractive Victorian Goth girl before I approached him...and I'm rambling, aren't I. *giggles sheepishly* What was I saying? Oh yeah, Space Mountain RULES! :D

I'll be posting any official Bats Day photos of us once they are available, but in case anyone cares about that sort of thing, I was Goth #538 at the big Haunted Mansion photo gathering where all the attendees are accounted for. I think Megan and I were the only ones in pirate hats, so it'll be pretty easy to spot us in the crowd. *grins* (Plus we do know the photographer, so there might be some good close ups of us looking silly. Yay. :)
I took a few pictures myself, which you can view here, if you are so inclined, but I think I'll spam you all anyway with my favourite, because it's just so veryvery stupid. Heehee.


Er...wot? :)
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Because I don't have anything particularly interesting to say but still wanted to write an entry cause I'm silly like that, have a meme. :)

Read me, I'm random! )

That was fun, wasn't it! :D
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Because [ profile] nut_m3g said she'd never speak to me again if I didn't update...AN UPDATE WAH HEY!
*does the happy nevvie dance* :D

So...what to say. Ermmm. *giggles sheepishly*

Well, there's two excuses for my lack of entries lately, neither of which are terribly interesting, but there you are. One is that it is still so damn cold in my flat all can do is shiver under the covers in a desperate attempt to stay warm, so I have no desire to cook, clean, or remain at the computer for more than a few minutes, and the ANIME. Yes, I think a rather unhealthy addiction to anime is to blame. (For so many things. ;-) I've really done nothing but stay at home (or occasionally venture out to [ profile] bakaoneechan and [ profile] naughty_imp's place) and have anime marathons. That's how sad I am. Whooot. :)

Just in case anyone's interested, here is what I've been subjecting myself to recently )

I have no idea why I'm so stuck on anime at the moment. Perhaps because it's become an outlet to meet people at last (my comic shop just started a Manga Club, I bumped into new friends Tonya and Marissa in the japanese bookshop, etc), although mostly I think it's because I've always enjoyed it, I fall deeply in love with fictional characters far too easily and anime has so many to love, and I just have the time to waste watching it. I'm so bored when I'm not at work, so I watch cartoons. I read a lot as well, but mostly watch anime. I guess I'm rather pathetic, really. But at least my animated friends love me. *G*

Let's see, what else...OH! I never had a proper LOTR convention entry, did I. I suppose it's a bit late now (*hangs head in shame*), so here are the highlights: I love [ profile] trianne forever and always (that just needed to be said ;-), and thank her AMAZING FRIENDS for letting me crash their party and inviting myself along with all their activies both during and after the con. I met some fabulous new people, bonded with people I had met before but only briefly, GOT FELT UP BY SHOX OMG (lead singer of World Without Sundays, as if you didn't know), laughed a lot, had a tremendous amount of fun and wished it would never end. Yayyy for conventions, especially of the LOTR variety. :)

...I suppose I shouldn't really be hurt or even annoyed that I've been defriended by a boatload of people, should I. Stupid me for not updating. *kicks self hard* *grins sheepishly once again*
But at least now I know why I never write anything. I'm so damn boring! This entire entry is all about watching anime, bleaugh. Sorry everyone. I'll try to make up something actually interesting for next time. ;-)
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*smug* :)
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...Seriously, when did that happen? ;-)

So what's been happening in Nevvieland? Ahhh, my dulcet darlings, I shall tell you! Nothing truly momentous or exciting, but here it is: Reading/watching/obsessing constantly over various manga and anime (the two main ones being the surprisingly thrilling fantasy/shounen-ai Loveless and the shamefully overlooked, heartbreakingly wonderful Kimi wa Petto, which I am desperately in love with in both manga and live action forms, and relate to it far, far more than I should), going to my tedious coffee job every day, crushing v.badly on several boys who of course have no idea I exist, being stalked approached by several other boys who are either creepy, ugly, mind numbingly dull or a frightening combination of all three who refuse to leave me alone (WHY is it only the skeery ones that I seem to attract? *whinge*), sharing some brilliant times with [ profile] nut_m3g and [ profile] undomiel_tari (although not nearly enough), spending lots more time alone in my freezing cold flat doing quite a bit of the above mentioned otaku-obsessing, and of course, wondering what the hell I am going to do with my life, seeking a way to end my current stagnation, and making a positive and productive outcome for the upcoming year. Yeah...really not doing so well with that last one. *G*

Oh, did I mention that I’ve been on a diet? I’ve lost 30 pounds since September, which I suppose is quite decent progress, but I still feel like the fattest fat that was ever fat. I assume it’s just because I was such a heifer to begin with that I don’t see any changes in my appearance – I’m not being willfully blind, I honestly can’t see any difference in my face or body or even in my clothes, and it’s starting to get extremely frustrating, actually. But hopefully soon I can look forward to a shopping free for new clothes, hurrah! My short term goal is to lose enough weight by summer to cosplay Sciezka, the adorkable bibliophile from Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, and top contender for Most Obscenely Ravenclaw Anime Character ever (Yomiko Readman from R.O.D is the other one, and I just don’t know who would win – yes, I really am sad enough to consider these things ;-) for AnimeExpo/Comic-Con. I know what you’re thinking – I look just like her (why thank you!), so that’s not really Cosplay, right? Ah, but you forget I have no money and even less talent for making costumes (I don’t even know how to sew on buttons), so the easier the better, and I really like the fact that all I have to do is straighten my hair a bit and voila! instant Hagaren Bookworm. And lose a lot of weight of course. :)

I was going to write a Year in Review type thing, but the only thing that really stands out for me about 2005 is what an amazing year for Fandom Films it was -- not only in terms of actual releases, but the quality of the films was beyond belief. Batman Begins, Goblet of Fire, even Return of the Sith were all incredibly powerful, exciting and deeply emotional films that were far superior to just about anything else on screen (at least in terms of big budget films), and Narnia and most especially King Kong were in a class by themselves. I actually wept at the end of King Kong, not because of the tearful climax (although I did cry several times during this unbelievable film), but because I was just so happy for Peter Jackson; he finally got to make the film he always wanted, and it was perfect. So yayyy for fandom. Yayyy for geeks. Yayyy for me. *giggles*

...And I'm spent. :)
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Can you guess what this entry is about? *giggles*

I had to wait outside for over ten hours, but I finally got to speak with my beloved Neil again. WHOOT!
Is it wrong to say I missed him so much? Well, I don't care, because he said he missed me too. Ahaha take that beetches! *laughs*

Yesterday he was at Vroman's bookshop in Pasadena to read a bit from Anansi Boys, answer a few questions, and sign books for well over 600 people. My poor Neil! He already looked bedraggled and weary when he arrived at 7pm; by the time I got to him at midnight his eyes were bright red, his speech blurry and could barely manage a smile. But of course he did smile graciously and talk to everyone, because he's amazing and the most wonderful man ever. (Am so not biased about this, honestly. ;-)
I arrived at around 1pm to get a good seat for the reading, and sat on a very hard bench for the next six hours, but it was worth it because I definitely had the best seat in the courtyard, which was quite literally overflowing with people. He read a bit about a dream in LA from the book, and then did a very amusing (of course!) Q&A session, in which I learned that Fred the Unlucky Black Cat is still Unlucky and likes to throw himself at windows for no apparent reason, the little stray kitten is still at his house and doing well, Beowulf is progressing nicely, and he had to write Wolves in the Walls four different ways before deciding it was right. I'm sure there was a lot more, but I can't remember any of it now. *G*

After the reading we had to queue up in groups, and mine was the very last one called, at around 11.50pm. So I sat around doing not very much for a long time. I did get to meet a friend of Neil's who was being his assistant at the signing - her name was Crystal and she was a very sweet woman of about 35ish, and I helped her bring English Breakfast tea to the struggling author. Awwww. (He likes milk and honey in his tea, but the cafe was out of honey. I'm sure you're all deeply enlightened to know that. *smirk*)

At last, the good bit!

*Neil signing books* *mumblesmilethankyouforcoming* *gives book back and smiles politely*
*Nevvie approaches desk* *Neil looks up and into eyes of curlyhaired hobbit*
'Ohhh, Hell-ooooooooooo!' *Neil beams with pleasure and all traces of weariness disappear*
'Nevvie! Where have you been? It's been aaages! You were at the last two Comic-Cons weren't you? (me: 'Yes!' See? I told you he noticed me) But we haven't spoken since...Harrods, wasn't it? But you've had your friends around the world keep in touch with me, haven't you *chuckle*'

[insert a bit of banter I can't remember now about friends and London and the Neverwhere dvd]

Because I had read on his blog that he had trouble finding his socks in a suitcase full of black things, I brought him a present: bright neon lime green socks, which I presented with a flourish, and he actually snorted. He gigglesnorted! Wheee! He also said that they would be very useful on the trip, and that Maddy would most likely pounce on them as soon as he got home. Isn't that brilliant? I hope she makes sock puppets with them. :)

The dedication in Anansi Boys has a great many words in it. This is what Neil circled and said he did especially for me: 'Because we haven't seen each other for so long, this one's for you. Love Neil'

*swooon* :)))

He also signed (and doodled my name on in a very Neil-y way) my Neverwhere poster, and repeated what a delight it was to see me again, that I mustn't be a stranger, and keep in touch. Needless to say, I left the signing crying tears of exquisite joy. He just makes me so incredibly happy. Le sigh.

I don't think I will ever forget how his face lit up and his entire demeanour changed when he saw me -- whenever I am feeling lonely or sad, I'll just think of Neil and how even someone like me can brighten his day.
Go me! *does the Happy Nevvie dance* :D
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It's my birthday! Booyah! *giggles happily*

I feel so old. Oy. :)

So go on, shower me with birthday love. Give this pathetic attention whore a reason to keep updating! :D

Seriously though, I've really missed everyone. I'm so grateful you didn't abandon me in my foolish absence. *squeezekissglomps flist* :)
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Congratulations, Nevvie's journal -- you've passed the Terrible Twos and are now edging ever closer to adulthood. *grins*

Excitement and adventure and Really Wild Things )

And finally, a very important note:

Dear Nevvie,

Please stop crying over fictional characters. You do not need to break down into agonizing sobs when your favourite anime character dies. Especially if you've seen the series a dozen times already. You're beginning to scare the neighbours. Seriously, cut it out. People will begin to worry about your sanity. If they haven't already.


Me :)

PS -- NEW FAMILY OMG SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! *happiness pie*
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Once again I am just a little late updating my journal. don't mind, do you? *giggles sheepishly*

I really have no idea why I don't update every damn day -- I'm always composing entries in my head, and even fall asleep at night thinking of what to write, but inevitably I just feel like I can't be bothered to do it. I'm so weird. :)

So here is your basic 'What the heck has Nevvie been doing lately' type update:

    [ profile] ashfae and [ profile] randomchris's wedding was absolutely perfect, and I was honoured beyond words to be their bridesmaid. I'll be posting many delightfully silly photos very soon (oh, the wackiness!), but for now please visit [ profile] evil_nick's picture pages for some excellent photos of our 10 hour roadtrip, Edinburgh, the beautiful ceremony, and the insanity frivolity of the reception. Wheeee. :)
    I think one of the moments I will remember forever (it's amazing how many there were on this trip) was at the beginning of the ceremony, when the priest was saying 'We are gathered here to celebrate something something the union of Christipher Michael Hutchings and Sarah Ashley Burns...' and I just started SOBBING like mad. I couldn't stop! *laughs* I was sniffling and wheezing and snorting throughout the ceremony -- the Best Men even handed me tissues -- thankfully I wasn't obnoxiously loud, and I was grinning through the tears (Ash turned around to giggle at me a few times, which made me feel better ;-), and I certainly wasn't the only one crying (*winks at [ profile] nieren*), so I don't think anyone minded. *G* I was just so happy for Ash, I couldn't help myself. I never thought I would be the kind of sap who cries at weddings, but then, my best friend has never gotten married before. *grins*
    I miss Ash and Chris terribly. The few days I spent with them were some of the happiest of my life. *loves them both so very much* :)

    I have a new job! Well, it's not really exciting enough to merit that exclamation point, but I thought the new paragraph needed it. *chuckles* As much as I enjoyed certain aspects of Technicolour -- mainly watching films and tv shows before the rest of the world -- I was so unhappy with the actual work I had to leave. So now I'm a barista at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, the world's best coffee chain. It's a ten minute drive from home instead of an hour, the people there are actually nice, and of course I get free drinks. Heh. It's not the greatest job in the world, and I do feel way too old to be stuck in retail, but it's only temporary (I hope), and will give me the free time I need to sort myself out, because right now my life needs alot more work than anything else.

    Thanks to introducing dearest [ profile] achtung_meggy to Fushigi Yuugi, I have rekindled my extreme obsession with all things anime. Last week I ate nothing but japanese food for dinner, not just sushi but badly prepared udon-y type things I made at home with fishcake, pickled radish (mmmmm...tastes like yellow!) and even yam cake, which strangely enough tastes nothing like either yam or cake. *giggles* I've even dreamed in japanese -- I had no idea what I was saying of course, I assume it was just random phrases I had heard earlier on tv. I've had to stop myself from greeting people at work in japanese, and I can't stop picturing anime characters in my head (and mentally drooling over them hehehehe). I wept copiously after finishing Escaflowne last night because I couldn't believe it was over; I kept saying to myself 'Why does it have to end? I don't want it to end!', even though this was the third or fourth time I had watched the series (admittedly not for several years) and knew perfectly well it had to end. But I didn't want to say goodbye! Tomorrow Megan and I will finish watching FY and I know I'll be a wreck. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm even falling in love with a 14 year old boy who's really just a soul trapped in a giant suit of armour. Curse you Fullmetal Alchemist! *laughs*
    Seriously though, I really do think something must be wrong with me. These obsessions just take me over and I can think or do little else, it surely can't be healthy. Oh well! *grins impishly*

I'm sure there was more I wanted to say, but alas, I have forgotten. This entry is too long anyway, and besides, now I have an excuse to update again! Tee hee. :)

PS -- Nothing says 'I love my FriendsList' like the gift of a dancing Stormtrooper. *mwah!*
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Do you know what's even better than watching the absolutely brilliant stage adaptation of His Dark Materials?

Meeting the author Phillip Pullman the night before on the train ride home.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahaa!! *wallows in smugness* :D

After a long, wonderful day in London, meeting up with the delightful [ profile] storme, rummaging through shops and wandering down unexpected alleyways I caught the train from Paddington back to Colnbrook, where I'm staying with my friends Nick and Elly (aren't they cute? :). That train terminates in Oxford...which is where Phillip Pullman lives. And he was sitting three rows in front of me on the train. I couldn't believe it -- one of the most famous authors in Britain, soon to be an international superstar with the release of the films based on his books, all around nifty guy -- was just sitting in the regular carriage like a normal person, chatting with his neighbours and being the most unassuming man in the world. I tried surreptitiously to take a photo of him with my mobile ('I'm just writing a text message, honestly!'), but I was too afraid to actually go up and talk to him. Thankfully, the knots in my stomach untied themselves just as the train was nearing the station, and I courageously walked over and politely asked: 'Would you happen to be Phillip Pullman?' And, rather flummoxed, he replied, 'yes'. Which of course unleashed a torrent of SQUEEE, and I fangirled him so badly I think I sent the poor man into shock. *laughs* 'Oh Mr Pullman, I love your works, you're such an inspiration, I can't wait to see the plays tomorrow, it's such an honour to meet you...' I know, I'm hopeless. *grins sheepishly* I think he was rather pleased, actually. I'm sure it's rare for him to be recognized outside of a book signing, and he certainly didn't seem to mind that all the other passengers were staring at us. ;-)

He very graciously signed a card I bought at the National Theatre with one of his angel illustrations on the front, (omgIamsolucky!) and then I had to rush off the train, bouncing the entire way. Quite literally bouncing. Wheeeee. :D

Needless to say, the plays this afternoon had an extra special significance for me. *G* They were magnificent, a triumph of staging and puppeteering, masterfully crafted and immensely enjoyable to watch. Now more than ever, I desperately, desperately want my own daemon -- Pantalaimon was so incredibly real, the way he moved and wagged his tail and scurried about, climbing trees and running to Lyra in distress, you forgot the puppeteer dressed in black behind her and thought only of the devoted soul that would never leave her side. Plus he was SO cute. Hee. :)
I'm sure I could write pages about HDM, but it's rather late, and I need to sleep. If anyone wants to know more details, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

*skips off to bed singing the 'I Met Phillip Pullman On The Train Tra La La' song* *giggles*
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Oh, the squee. *giggles happily*

I'm currently sitting in front of a computer at [ profile] mirabehn and [ profile] evil_nick's lovely flat near Windsor, and even though I haven't really slept in at least 40 hours, I'm too excited to care, because I'm back HOME. Wheeeeeeeee.

As a special treat, I watched Firefly for the first time, and now of course I'm smitten. How on earth could anyone want to cancel this series? Kaylee alone is worth watching it for. (Yes, I love her. I want to be her. Aren't I so much like her already? ;-) Studio executives have no taste. Bleaugh.

But anyway. LONDON! That's the important bit. *grins*

I don't really have any plans for the next few days, except on Wednesday, when I am seeing His Dark Materials, Parts 1 and 2, which I am soooooooooooo excited about, I'm literally bouncing with joyful anticipation. And then early friday morning we drive up to Edinburgh to meet the rest of the wedding party and then saturday is the big day, wooohooo!

But that will all come later. Now is the time for sleep.

*waves goodnight to her beloved friends and cuddles up in her sleeping bag for a much deserved rest* :)
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I have a tattoo!

I've been thinking of getting one for at least fifteen years, but I've always been too afraid, and (of course) I couldn't decide what I wanted. But now I have one and I couldn't be more pleased with how well it turned out, and how much it means to me.

Isn't it fabulous? : )

Yesterday I spent the day with [ profile] achtung_meggy and (all too briefly) [ profile] undomiel_tari, and they were very supportive and reassuring about getting it done, as they have tattoos as well. Meggy's friend Yanni did it for me, and even though it HURT LIKE HELL (oh ye gods the pain) it still wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, although this is probably because I made sure the position was on a fleshy bit, not bone. I was screaming inside at the time, but I can see how they can become highly addicting, as I'm already contemplating what I want to do next (a circle of stars around my ankle like a bracelet, the White Tree of Gondor on my shoulder, Dave Mckean's artwork for the cover of Neverwhere...), isn't that strange? People with obsessive personalities should never be allowed to get one, it only leads to trouble. *grins*

Remember when I saw Graham Norton in December 2003 and was on tv? The same company had another live taping and I got to see Tracey Ullman's new show on thursday night, which will be shown on HBO in may, so you get to look for me in the audience once again! I adore Tracey Ullman, she's so immensely talented, I'd give anything for her improvisation skills, and I certainly wasn't disappointed by her show, which was basically her autobiography acted out with some of the characters she's created over the years to help tell the story. I believe it's called 'Tracey Ullman: Live and Exposed' and you have to watch it when it airs, I know you'll laugh yourself stupid like I did. :)

This week I also saw the new Muppets Wizard of Oz movie (when I should have been working, but I was having a severely crap day and frankly I didn't care, it was only an hour anyway), and I can safely say that while these certainly weren't the Muppets I grew up with, they're still Muppets, and anything with Muppets is always a good thing. It wasn't a finished film, there was still alot of CGI work that needed to be done, but it still played very well, and was (mostly) entertaining. Ashanti wasn't the best Dorothy, but she looked good, and related well to the puppets, and kids will probably like her. Kermit was the Scarecrow, Gonzo the Tin Thing, Fozzie the Lion, and Miss Piggy, in her strangest yet seemingly most obvious role ever, a Dominatrix Biker-Babe Wicked Witch of the West. Yeah, it's really not the Muppets we used to know. There was a seriously disturbing scene with Gonzo and the Wizard of Oz, when the Wiz appears to him as a giant chicken, asking if his girlfriend Camilla had 'a beak as big as mine' or 'great big flapping wings' -- in a provoctively sexual voice that was extremely creepy and made me squirm. Maybe it'll look (and hopefully feel) differently in the finished product. But for the most part, it was rather fun, with some hummable songs, good jokes and welcome cameos from all our favourite characters. I don't know when it will air (most likely this summer), but I hope it does well so we can look forward to more Muppety goodness in the future.

omgIhaveatattoooooooooo! :D
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A man with a tape recorder up his nose An entry by Nevvie! Wooohooo! :D

I know, it's only been three months since my last entry, what could I possibly have to write about? Well, rather a lot, actually. *grins*

Would you like to know? Of course you would! )

PS -- I love Neil Gaiman more than words could ever convey. That is all. :)
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As if one needed further proof that I am the Coolest Person in the World, I present a conversation that occured two days ago between my darling [ profile] newredshoes and The Almighty Neil Gaiman:

[ profile] newredshoes: Before I forget! Nevvie says hi!
Neil: Wonderful. How is she? Where is she?
[ profile] newredshoes: Oh! She's in L.A. She's doing great. She says she misses you. She'll be thrilled to know you remember her!* (see Esther's journal for disclaimer ;-)
Neil: She's one who's very hard to forget. <-- said with utter fondness!

Can you hear that? It's the sound of me squeeing. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee! *does the Happy Nevvie dance* :D

(Text can not even begin to capture the level of excitedjoyfulomgIlovehimsomuchsquee. Seriously. :)
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Happy Birthday Neil! Your Official Stalker wishes you lots of love and happiness on this special day. :)

I saw The Incredibles saturday night, and it was brilliant, another bright shining star from Pixar. Unfortunately the experience was ruined slightly by a gaggle of pre-teen girls who were standing next to me and whispering in the loudest possible voices about me. 'No, don't turn around! Oh my god, she is so fat! Don't look, she'll see you!' etc. I was less than three feet away from these idiots, it's like they thought that because I'm fat I'm deaf as well. I just couldn't believe it. I hadn't had an experience like that in a long time, and I was really quite shocked. Needless to say, I couldn't laugh very much during the film, but at least I did enjoy it.

I went to Disneyland on sunday, as it was the last day before my Annual Pass expired, and just walked around the park for a bit (and bought some goodies for friends -- aren't you all lucky? ;-), wishing I had gone with someone. The Happiest Place On Earth really is a bit dull when you're alone. *G* The best bit was finding a Bean Bunny plush outside the Muppet 3-D show, which I had no idea existed. I adore Bean Bunny, he's one of my favourite Muppets, right up there with the Swedish Chef and my beloved Emmett Otter. I think I like him so much because he's not very well known, so he's sort of 'my' special muppet. That and he's exceedingly cute. *grins*
I always like things more when I feel like I'm the only one who truly enjoys them. I guess I just have to be special with everything I do. ;-)

Tonight I think I shall watch a bit of Neverwhere before going to bed, to celebrate my lover dearest Neil's birthday. Wheeeee. :)
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