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After months, years of waiting, fretting, stomach-churning anxiety and a whole lot of crying... MY VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED AT LAST OMG OMG FINALLY YAYYYYYYYYYYYY :D :D :D

I'm so ludicrously happy. And RELIEVED. I am pretty much numb except for the overwhelming relief it's finally over, I can relax and get this 16 ton weight off my chest. Well, I still have the next application to be done in two years, and we're still catastrophically poor and in dire need of monetary assistance, BUT at least there's one less area of doom and gloom to afflict us and make me want to fling head first into a volcano. Thank god. ;-)

Thank you for putting up with me, my most wonderful friends. I hope now that something has actually gone right for a change I will be encouraged to continue updating and keep you informed of my rather silly life and all the mundane fripperies it entails. *grins*

So so happy. I LOVE THE UK :D
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HI EVERYONE :D I missed you ♥

I know it's nearly four months overdue, but [ profile] landfill_sky did say 'pics or it didn't happen' - and since I most certainly do want it to continue, at last, is a tantalizing glimpse at the promised photos of my wedding to [ profile] trukkle. Better late than never, right? ;-)

The rest, along with some (hopefully amusing ;-) commentary are here :) I'm sorry for yet another prolonged absence - I'd say there's a good reason for it, but while there were several things I felt I really ought not to discuss at the time, mostly I've been aching to write something again, and have just lacked the courage or impetus to do so. I don't know why I have such fear about writing, I really am trying to work on improving my confidence and willingness to share my thoughts and ideas, no matter how trivial, poorly expressed, or just plain stupid I think they might be. I promise to update more, I want to catch up with all of you and remind you I'M STILL ALIVE. And still awesome. Mustn't forget that. ;-)
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On 10 October 2009

At 11.15am

In Brighton Town Hall

James and I were married.

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Hello everyone! I am in the UK! I am with my [ profile] trukkle! We currently have no internet so this is an intentionally brief update posty to let you know I am Still Alive! :D

Things Wot Have Happened Since I Arrived:

- Settled comfortably into our new flat, which is a lovely one bedroom near the train station and close to the town centre, as well as the comic book shop and the best chippy in town. These are very important things to know. ;-) Since we don't have internet or tv we've been playing loads of games, like Professor Layton and our favourite old LucasArts graphic adventures. It's nearly decorated and ready for visitors, which is good, as my beloved [ profile] ashfae and [ profile] randomchris are coming to visit this weekend to celebrate my 31st birthday. Eeeee. :)

- Traveled to Derbyshire for the I, Camp readthrough weekend, which was marvelous - I saw my dearest [ profile] mirabehn and her two wonderful men [ profile] mostlyacat and [ profile] mirrorshard for the first time in years (well, I met Sam for the first time, actually *G*) and several others I haven't seen in aaaaaaages, as well as met lots of fabulous new people and generally had a very fun time being Terribly Angsty and Roman at everyone. Wheeee. :)

- Explored all over Worthing, which is a town entirely comprised of cafes and charity shops. I'm not even kidding. *grins* Some of the cafes are quite good (and do brilliant, proper milkshakes! om nom nom) but everything closes when the old people go to bed, which is to say 4pm. Ugh. :/ The seaside is beautiful, and so far the weather has been pleasant, so it's been a rather nice introduction to my new home, all things considered. :)

- We bought our wedding bands. :) They're handmade, extra-shiny palladium, and have bonus techy points for having all sorts of exciting electronic and scientific uses, which of course makes James terribly pleased. *G* We're going to need them very soon we're going to married on 10 October. :) ♥

I'm so ridiculously happy. :)))
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A half hour ago, I was on the phone with [ profile] trukkle, when an email arrived in my inbox.

This is what it said:

Your application has been approved and the visa has been issued. Please check your visa immediately on receipt to ensure that we have completed your visa correctly


I cried and hyperventilated and laughed and squealed with James and sighed enormous sighs of relief and euphoric joy. :)

Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your support and kind words and encouragement, you honestly helped me more than you know, and I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends who care about me. It's been a long, horrible wait, but FINALLY IT IS OVER. Oh gawwwwwwwwwwd I'm so happy. And exhausted. *G*

ohmygodohmygodohmygod EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D :D :D :D :D
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Oh, hello there. :)

The Hobbit and the Weasley invite you to peruse their Adventures )


Feb. 27th, 2009 02:22 pm
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Oh, the squee! It's probably a good thing I have to run off to work now, otherwise you'd have to endure a mile long post with graphically sappy details about how much I love James and can't wait to be back in the UK. Eeeeheee.

They arrived by courier about five minutes ago, along with a gorgeous romantic love letter, and a little card from a pub called The Tame Otter (located between Wigginton and Weeford OMG HOW CUTE IS THAT ;-), just because it reminded him of me. Le sigh. :)

Oh, I am so happy.

Squeak. :))
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Neil said so, it must be true. *beams proudly*

Oh, I'm so happy. :) On Friday [ profile] trukkle went to the Graveyard Book event in London, where he met my friend [ profile] arcadiaego and proceeded to have a jolly wonderful time laughing and being adorably excited dorks at each other, yayyy. Neil read Chapter Five from the book, answered lots of questions from the audience (like about his buddy Jonathan Ross's recent behaviour, and quite possibly confirming that he is indeed writing for Doctor Who - I need to write him about that, actually ;-), and then did a swift and efficient signing for the fans. Well, it was swift until [ profile] trukkle got to him. *grins*

[ profile] arcadiaego was first, and was able to have her picture taken, which was lucky, before moving to the side in a state of abject squee while James had his turn. :) He said he was there at my request, and Neil lit up and asked how I was doing and said lovely things about me and wheeeee :D Then James said that I was very well and in fact recently became him. (Eeeee I am now Officially Unofficially Engaged. I think. ;-) And Neil beamed and shook his hand and congratulated us, and said more lovely things about me and then James had to leave because the girl behind in the queue was getting jealous and making 'hmmmph' noises at him. ;-) So he stumbled off the stage in a giddy daze, as Neil called out that he liked his shirt (which I bought for him of course :) and James and Liz went back to their seats to bask in the glow of a brilliant evening. I'm so happy for them! I wish I had been there, of course, but I'm thrilled they had such a marvelous time. And even happier Neil said I was magical. Oh, bliss. :)))))
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Old lady: I want a book on the Louvre
Me: Wonderful, we have many art books for you to peruse, I'm sure you'll find one you like -
Old impatient lady: We just got back from Paris
Me: Lucky!
Old and quite possibly insane old lady: Yeah, the Louvre was great, but we were so disappointed in the gift shop - we wanted to buy a book about all the art we'd just seen, but couldn't get one because they were all in French. Can you believe that??
Me: ...
Me: *blink blink*
Me: Let me show you were the art books are...

Then there are the people who come into the shop, not knowing the author or title of the book, or even the genre or subject they're looking for, and expect us to know what the hell they want. I can only assume by MAGIC. And if I had magic powers, I sure as hell wouldn't be wasting them on finding shitty romance novels and mass market thrillers. Srsly.

A woman came in today asking for 'some sort of Frankenstein book' for her son, by 'Mary somebody, I guess....' I WEEP FOR HUMANITY.

My favourite, however, is the lady who came in yesterday, again not knowing what she was looking for (at all) - she knew beyond a doubt the author's name was Elizabeth Case, and when I couldn't find her in the computer we spent nearly two hours roaming around the store (I did of course leave to help people with real books to find, but because I am So Nice I kept coming back to help my crazy person, plus I crave a challenge ;-). We searched in vain, because, of course, the author Elizabeth Case did not exist. Guess the real name of the author she was looking for. Go on, guess. You never will. :) After countless 'are you SURE that's her actual name, not Libby Cass or any variant of Elizabeth Case imaginable?' and her annoyed replies that YES OF COURSE that's her name and being cross at me for daring to suggest she could be wrong...the author she was actually looking for was, in fact, Kate Atkinson. Which TOTALLY sounds like Elizabeth Case, I'm sure you will agree. *rolls eyes and sighs* So hilariously, epically wrong. Sheesh.

In other news, I am ridiculously smitten with Supernatural (and especially those utterly adorkable J2 boys). Bweeeeeeeeee. :)
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Because I don't have anything remotely interesting to say today, have a literary-themed meme:

List 10 books you have on your bookshelf that you think nobody else on your friends list has on theirs. (I didn't include First Editions or signed books, and I'm sure I didn't produce a particularly unique list. But I think the result is a rather good cross-section of my interests, and probably offers insight into my personality, which might be even better. :)

1) Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens by James Davidson
2) The Arthur Trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland
3) The Witch Must Die: The Hidden Meaning of Faerie Tales by Sheldon Cashdon
4) The Queen's Conjurer: The Science and Magic of Dr. John Dee, Advisor to Elizabeth I by Benjamin Wolley
5) The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (but only because it isn't officially released until next week ;-)
6) Kimi wa Pet (complete manga series) by Ogawa Yayoi
7) The Dinosaur Heresies by (the brilliant) Dr Richard T Bakker ♥
8) Behind the Dolphin Smile by Richard O'Barry (The tragic history of the dolphins who played Flipper. *sniff*)
9) Life, and How to Survive it by John Cleese and Robin Skinner
10) The Harlot by the Side of the Road: Forbidden Tales of the Bible by Jonathan Kirsch (I highly recommend this to everyone, it's fascinating.)

Tomorrow the cable company is coming to install my new internet connection, HUZZAH! No more AOL dialup for me, thank the Great Green Arkleseizure. *grins*

And even better, on thursday [ profile] ashfae and [ profile] randomchris arrive from Edinburgh, wheee! I am so excited to see my best friend again, it's been three and a half years already since we were last together, and I am utterly beside myself with bounceyjoy and glee. Yayyyy. :)
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In other words...Happy 30th Birthday to me. ;-)
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I received a call at 530am this morning. Normally this would not be a cause for celebration, but today, it most definitely was. :)

[ profile] trukkle had his interview this morning in Hove, and not only did it go blissfully well...he got the job! HE GOT THE JOB. We can finally begin filling out the visa paperwork so I can move to the UK! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING OMG OMG FINALLY YAYYYYY.


*happyspazflailglee* :D
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Hello poodles!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the kind words of reassurance and support on my last entry -- I do apologize for being rather cryptic (hell, I apologize for writing it all), but I didn't feel like going into details and just had to let something out else I essplode. I'm sure I'll write a proper, detailed entry about just why I was feeling particularly upset this weekend, but this is not that entry. Today is for cheering up, and finding the things in my life right now to enjoy and feel good about. Thus I present to you a list of Things That Make Me Happy:

1) [ profile] trukkle has a job interview on monday with a computer wholesale/repair company, which he is almost guaranteed to get, which is fantastic on many levels. The job would give him work experience for college as well as a much needed paycheque, and it would mean I could FINALLY begin filling out all the paperwork for my visa application so I can get on with moving to the UK! Plans would be Back On and life would not end and I could stop feeling so bloody useless and miserable and gahhhhhhh we really need this job. *laughs* No pressure or anything James. ;-)

2) The amazing Peter S Beagle friended me on Facebook! AND HE KNEW WHO I WAS OMG. *spazflail* :D I've met him several times (ComicCon, ORC, and The Return of the King Oscar Party) and shared some fantastic conversations (and lots of laughing!), but I didn't think he could possibly recall me from the hundreds, if not thousands of fans he meets every year. I feel so honoured to be remembered by one of my favourite authors, especially when he's such a charming and wonderful man. Yay me! :D

3) I know this is very silly, but I love my new mood theme. Hee. I feel like posting more just so I can use every mood on the list! *grins* And isn't posting more a Good Thing? Yes, yes it is. :) I think I've written more entries this month than I have in years. Which is probably a bit sad, really. When I first had my journal (in 2002!) I posted nearly every day, about musical performances and London all kinds of fun things, back when I was living in Surrey and had an entirely different life. It's difficult to think on those things without feeling overwhelmed by regret, but my new life will begin soon, and I won't have to feel upset about the life I once had, or the people I thought loved me, ever again. Hurrah. :)

4) I'm going to see Eric Idle again at the Hollywood Bowl next week! WHOOOT.
Have I mentioned lately that I've met all the Pythons (except that partypooper Graham of course), some more than once? Oh yeah. I'm just that awesome. *smug*

5) This post from Cute Overload - ZOMG OTTERS. Happy burbling chirping canoodling utterly mindblowingly adorable otters! *sighs happily* :)))
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Happy Independence Day Americans!

To celebrate, I give you the most patriotic video you have ever seen. Enjoy! :)

...seriously, watch this video. It will BLOW YOUR MIND. *giggles* And yes, I am using my LJ icon ironically. Hehehe. ;-)

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O HAI :)

Adventures at the Book Expo, or how I learned to carry around 50 lbs of books all day without complaining too much ;- )

There are more things I could say, but I think that's enough for now. I hope that was fun and informative for all of you. *grins*

For me, the best part of the day was hearing Neil read the opening paragraph to The Graveyard Book, which is chilling and utterly compelling, and feels like it absolutely does not belong in a children's book. Which makes it all the more fascinating and wonderful. :)
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After six grueling months feeling utterly depressed, dejected and an unwanted, useless failure I FINALLY HAVE A JOB.

It's only part time (sadly), and minimum wage (sigh), but somebody finally fucking hired me. The local Jewish Community Centre, to be precise. (I think [ profile] newredshoes will be pleased I'm keeping up the Jewcy pride ;-) I get to answer phones and give tours of the facility and other various customer service duties. I could do this job in my sleep. But it's a job, and that's all that matters. I've been a recluse for months because I couldn't afford to go anywhere or do anything, so hopefully now that will change. :) I'm sure I will be far less depressed once I am able to leave my tiny, squalid flat. (The ceiling continues to fall on the floor, and I had to spend almost an hour on saturday scrubbing the bathtub because so much ceiling and wall crap had fallen into it and it was unusable, bleaugh. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE.)

Oh, amusing fact about the JCC -- Tim Russ, aka Tuvok from Voyager is a member. I hope I can bother him politely for an autograph sometime. *grins*

I really should update about Neil and things, shouldn't I. SOON, kittens. :)

I shall just make you all insanely jealous by saying how much I enjoyed reading The Graveyard Book. Bwahahaha. ;-)
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I know I haven't written very much lately, so in order to make it up to you, I thought I would do some informative (and, with luck, quite interesting) Get To Know Me Better memes.

The first, from the lovely [ profile] caersidi -- Here are seven of the most famous (and possibly infamous) people I've ever met:

Neil Gaiman: You knew this was going to be first, didn't you. *grins* I've met him (I believe) 12 times, and although we don't really enjoy the same sort of 'pen pal' relationship we used to, I like to believe he still remembers me. I know I will never forget the way he looked the last time I saw him -- when he noticed me in the signing queue, his face lit up with joy, and the stress of a very long day melted away. His genuine smile of pleasure at seeing me is truly one of the happiest moments of my life. It's been two years since then, and I don't know when I will see him again, but I hope it will be soon. The Graveyard Book comes out in September, after all. *grins*

Some real surprises under the cut! )

It was really difficult to chose these, actually -- I suppose I could have put the Python Boys as a group entry, but you already knew about them. *grins* And so many celebs to chose from! I'm rather lucky in that respect, I suppose. But really, most of the people I've met are cult figures at best, so I tried to pick the important or impressive ones. I hope you enjoyed it! :)

And now for something not terribly different, from the inimitable [ profile] ashfae -- Seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself (that aren't common knowledge).

This should be fun ;- )

Wasn't that interesting? :) I thought so too.

And now, here's one for you! If you have the time and inclination, I would love it if you could fill out this little questionare, so I can know you better. Also, I need book and music recommendations. Tee hee. *grins impishly*

Also from Ashfae, to fill out if you please : )

*mwah!* I hope everyone has a really wonderful day. EAT LOTS OF CHOCOLATE AND DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES. :D
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In other news, HI!

Did you miss me? I missed you. :)

I have lots and lots to write about, I promise I will soon. I just wanted to let you know I Aten't Dead. And stuff. *grins*


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[ profile] trukkle [ profile] trukkle [ profile] trukkle bweeee
I love him and he loves me
We're the geekiest couple that could be
When we're together we're so happyyyy
[ profile] trukkle [ profile] trukkle [ profile] trukkle wheeee! :D


Hi. I'm a dork. :D
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I've been trying to write this entry for MONTHS, but of course the need to find the perfect words to express myself has prevented me. So I'll just say it.

I have a boyfriend. His name is James. He is tall, thin, British, quite exceedingly ginger, the most adorkable geek you will ever meet, and I am very, very much in love with him. :)

He is, in fact, [ profile] trukkle, and I've known him for 5 1/2 years, although we sadly had very little contact for a long time, but he gained internet access again in april, and we've been inseparable ever since. Very long time readers may remember me describing him as my soul mate, and he is, I've known it since the moment we met; there's never been anyone who understands me so perfectly, because we are the same in every way. He's the male version of myself, and the few places where we are dissimilar we are complementary, we're just utterly, utterly made for each other. :)

Before a few months ago I had never considered him in any sort of romantic way, mostly because when we first met he was 18. *grins* Also, he had a boyfriend for many years, which tends to make one think he's off the market. ;-) But when we started talking again, he told me he had always loved me, and never stopped thinking about me, which absolutely blew my mind. I had no idea he felt that way, and of course I started feeling differently about him -- he was older now, and unattached, and I always knew I cared immensely for him, so it was only natural my own feelings would change. And they most certainly did.

He told me he would sit home alone, staring out the window, listening to Muse's Endlessly, and think of me, wishing he could tell me how he felt, wanting to hold me forever. And that, I think, was the exact moment I fell in love with him. :)

We just spent the most joyous, blissful, fantastically silly two weeks together. He had never left the UK, and I think Los Angeles scared him a little (hee), but we were so happy just to be together, nothing else mattered. He left last wednesday. I miss him terribly. Everything is so dull without him to laugh with.

I'm going to visit him in Brighton for Christmas and New Years. :) Which of course means I want to see my UK friends again, woohoo! :D

I realize this is already a very long entry, but I need to show off my boy. Because I love him. And he's gorgeous. *grins*

See? SO DAMN CUTE. :D You can see many more photos in my Facebook photo album, if you like :)

And just for fun, here's us the very first time we met in 2002. Awwww. : )

Please feel free to add him as a friend! I want everyone to know about the person who makes me so incredibly happy. :)

*dreamy sigh* I really do love him ever so much. Wheeeee. :)
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