Mar. 9th, 2005

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Do you know what's even better than watching the absolutely brilliant stage adaptation of His Dark Materials?

Meeting the author Phillip Pullman the night before on the train ride home.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahaa!! *wallows in smugness* :D

After a long, wonderful day in London, meeting up with the delightful [ profile] storme, rummaging through shops and wandering down unexpected alleyways I caught the train from Paddington back to Colnbrook, where I'm staying with my friends Nick and Elly (aren't they cute? :). That train terminates in Oxford...which is where Phillip Pullman lives. And he was sitting three rows in front of me on the train. I couldn't believe it -- one of the most famous authors in Britain, soon to be an international superstar with the release of the films based on his books, all around nifty guy -- was just sitting in the regular carriage like a normal person, chatting with his neighbours and being the most unassuming man in the world. I tried surreptitiously to take a photo of him with my mobile ('I'm just writing a text message, honestly!'), but I was too afraid to actually go up and talk to him. Thankfully, the knots in my stomach untied themselves just as the train was nearing the station, and I courageously walked over and politely asked: 'Would you happen to be Phillip Pullman?' And, rather flummoxed, he replied, 'yes'. Which of course unleashed a torrent of SQUEEE, and I fangirled him so badly I think I sent the poor man into shock. *laughs* 'Oh Mr Pullman, I love your works, you're such an inspiration, I can't wait to see the plays tomorrow, it's such an honour to meet you...' I know, I'm hopeless. *grins sheepishly* I think he was rather pleased, actually. I'm sure it's rare for him to be recognized outside of a book signing, and he certainly didn't seem to mind that all the other passengers were staring at us. ;-)

He very graciously signed a card I bought at the National Theatre with one of his angel illustrations on the front, (omgIamsolucky!) and then I had to rush off the train, bouncing the entire way. Quite literally bouncing. Wheeeee. :D

Needless to say, the plays this afternoon had an extra special significance for me. *G* They were magnificent, a triumph of staging and puppeteering, masterfully crafted and immensely enjoyable to watch. Now more than ever, I desperately, desperately want my own daemon -- Pantalaimon was so incredibly real, the way he moved and wagged his tail and scurried about, climbing trees and running to Lyra in distress, you forgot the puppeteer dressed in black behind her and thought only of the devoted soul that would never leave her side. Plus he was SO cute. Hee. :)
I'm sure I could write pages about HDM, but it's rather late, and I need to sleep. If anyone wants to know more details, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

*skips off to bed singing the 'I Met Phillip Pullman On The Train Tra La La' song* *giggles*

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