Oct. 2nd, 2005

neverwhere: (A stalker and her prey)
Can you guess what this entry is about? *giggles*

I had to wait outside for over ten hours, but I finally got to speak with my beloved Neil again. WHOOT!
Is it wrong to say I missed him so much? Well, I don't care, because he said he missed me too. Ahaha take that beetches! *laughs*

Yesterday he was at Vroman's bookshop in Pasadena to read a bit from Anansi Boys, answer a few questions, and sign books for well over 600 people. My poor Neil! He already looked bedraggled and weary when he arrived at 7pm; by the time I got to him at midnight his eyes were bright red, his speech blurry and could barely manage a smile. But of course he did smile graciously and talk to everyone, because he's amazing and the most wonderful man ever. (Am so not biased about this, honestly. ;-)
I arrived at around 1pm to get a good seat for the reading, and sat on a very hard bench for the next six hours, but it was worth it because I definitely had the best seat in the courtyard, which was quite literally overflowing with people. He read a bit about a dream in LA from the book, and then did a very amusing (of course!) Q&A session, in which I learned that Fred the Unlucky Black Cat is still Unlucky and likes to throw himself at windows for no apparent reason, the little stray kitten is still at his house and doing well, Beowulf is progressing nicely, and he had to write Wolves in the Walls four different ways before deciding it was right. I'm sure there was a lot more, but I can't remember any of it now. *G*

After the reading we had to queue up in groups, and mine was the very last one called, at around 11.50pm. So I sat around doing not very much for a long time. I did get to meet a friend of Neil's who was being his assistant at the signing - her name was Crystal and she was a very sweet woman of about 35ish, and I helped her bring English Breakfast tea to the struggling author. Awwww. (He likes milk and honey in his tea, but the cafe was out of honey. I'm sure you're all deeply enlightened to know that. *smirk*)

At last, the good bit!

*Neil signing books* *mumblesmilethankyouforcoming* *gives book back and smiles politely*
*Nevvie approaches desk* *Neil looks up and into eyes of curlyhaired hobbit*
'Ohhh, Hell-ooooooooooo!' *Neil beams with pleasure and all traces of weariness disappear*
'Nevvie! Where have you been? It's been aaages! You were at the last two Comic-Cons weren't you? (me: 'Yes!' See? I told you he noticed me) But we haven't spoken since...Harrods, wasn't it? But you've had your friends around the world keep in touch with me, haven't you *chuckle*'

[insert a bit of banter I can't remember now about friends and London and the Neverwhere dvd]

Because I had read on his blog that he had trouble finding his socks in a suitcase full of black things, I brought him a present: bright neon lime green socks, which I presented with a flourish, and he actually snorted. He gigglesnorted! Wheee! He also said that they would be very useful on the trip, and that Maddy would most likely pounce on them as soon as he got home. Isn't that brilliant? I hope she makes sock puppets with them. :)

The dedication in Anansi Boys has a great many words in it. This is what Neil circled and said he did especially for me: 'Because we haven't seen each other for so long, this one's for you. Love Neil'

*swooon* :)))

He also signed (and doodled my name on in a very Neil-y way) my Neverwhere poster, and repeated what a delight it was to see me again, that I mustn't be a stranger, and keep in touch. Needless to say, I left the signing crying tears of exquisite joy. He just makes me so incredibly happy. Le sigh.

I don't think I will ever forget how his face lit up and his entire demeanour changed when he saw me -- whenever I am feeling lonely or sad, I'll just think of Neil and how even someone like me can brighten his day.
Go me! *does the Happy Nevvie dance* :D

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